‘Juno’ of Another World.

My mother gazed at me…myriad of emotions

Tonight is different regret, pain? yet tender

I just snuggled deeper to the right and slept

confused but secure at the safest corner in the world

heard her murmur….Baby ! live my life too….

Seventeen is very sweet not sixteen

Ask me why? for….

I am ‘Juno’ of another world

At seventeen..scared and defenseless

A child with a child

No mommy to my right,no daddy to the left

Just a life within me….


Save the wall and the trees

Indian men need ‘Diapers’

Bio Break….Bio break…Bio Break

someone please..please…please!

save the trees,save the walls….

help the men take a ‘Bio Break’

They are in a hurry,toilets are a luxury they can’t afford

BMW yes,Iphone yes,Single malt and scotch comes cheap

But…”I need to park my car and water the walls..

nourish the plants for they beckon me…

I leave my rank,degrees and privileged cards aside

community service lane…for I serve the service lane”.